• AuThink

    AuThink improves therapy for children with autism, their teachers and parents.
    Children love it because they can learn and exercise through a virtual environment which is more attractive and interesting for their day-to-day repetitive routines.
    Teachers can easily create individualized exercises (which is crucial in treatment), tossing away classical paper materials and methods. They can also track progress of each exercise for each child.
    Parents can work or continue working with their children at home and improve the therapy with items from the child’s surroundings!

  • Allegria

    The primary aim is to provide free sports activities for children from low income families, particularly one that is found in rural areas. Kinesiologists will ”volunteer” twice per week, but they would still be covered travel expenses and would get some sort of symbolic compensation. In return, the organization offers them the possibility to become employees of the organization so as to receive a normal wage, from the services that the organization will offer consumers. A services are summer sports camp for tourists and exercise packages for employees of companies trough rest of the year.