SDG: Life below Water

  • ReWaste

    Plastic Recycling in Zagreb through melting and shaping. Waste plastic is melted and utilized to create various items such as bottles, furniture, bags, toys, and technical components. The goal is to reduce waste and generate new products.

  • Green Stay Croatia

    Your go-to for discovering the charm of sustainable accommodations, hidden gems through responsible tours by local guides and authentic stories across Croatia. Experience the beauty of Croatia while leaving a positive footprint. Where every stay tells a green story.

  • Arden

    Arden je pametna vaza za jednostavan uzgoj bilja. Napravljena od održivih materijala, pruža korisnicima obavijesti o potrebama biljke putem osvjetljenja i mobilne aplikacije. Povezuje čovjeka s biljkama na moderan način.